Our Impact

Sometimes we see the impact of the Foundation’s work through a simple smile and laugh. Other times, it reveals itself slowly, as a member of the Garth Homer family begins to call the Centre their ‘home.’

These daily achievements and growth are the measure of our work. 

We strive to help those living with developmental and other disabilities achieve their hopes for the future and a place in the world. We know transformation is an ongoing process, so each year we share stories about our successes and future opportunities to make a difference.

Meet Lynne

iPads are a daily part of Lynne Hubak and Laurie Fairweather’s day at the Garth Homer Centre. The two use iPads on a regular basis to research new ideas, play games and create art.

Meet Ron

Many people don’t think twice about opening a door.

The Garth Homer Centre

Roofs don’t last forever. So in 2013, the Garth Homer Foundation replaced the roof of one its most important assets, the nearly 40-year-old Garth Homer Centre.

Remembering Nina

(January 17, 1961 - October 8, 2020)

Meet Oliver

The Garth Homer Society offers occupational programs to support people like Oliver to achieve their goals.