Meet Ron

Many people don’t think twice about opening a door. But for persons with developmental disabilities, it can be a barrier to entering a building or room – and participating in whatever is happening inside.

Accessibility issues are a passion for Ron Macketuk, a member of the Garth Homer Society’s Pathways program. In 2014, thanks in part to Ron’s advocacy for more accessible facilities, the Foundation will be installing automated door openers on most of the Garth Homer Centre’s doors. 

The Garth Homer Foundation provided co-funding for the project with Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) as part of a granting program in support of accessible community facilities.

The new automated door openers will help to make the Centre even more safe and secure and a space that is accessible to older Garth Homer Society clients or people with mobility needs. With these improvements, the Centre will continue to be a safe and secure space where persons with developmental disabilities can be as independent as possible.

Photo: Times Colonist