Meet Lynne

iPads are a daily part of Lynne Hubak and Laurie Fairweather’s day at the Garth Homer Centre. The two use iPads on a regular basis to research new ideas, play games and create art.

“I research different subjects, like people with different disabilities,” says Lynne. “I have a disability myself, and it makes me more aware of other people’s disability.”

Thanks to support from the Garth Homer Foundation, the Garth Homer Society has more than 14 iPads for use. The Foundation donated funds to purchase the iPads, and also received a generous donation from Butchart Gardens to help support the program.

Handheld devices are a welcome addition to the Society’s digital learning resources and provide a range of opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities to communicate and develop new skills.

Rob Baker, a staff member who introduced the iPads to the Society says, “the iPad can be whatever we need for our clients. It can be fun, educational, used for schedules. It’s a great blank slate to start with. It makes a difference in their lives.”

Photo: Times Colonist