Garth Homer Society Funding

Quite often a little bit of financial support can go a long way.

Primarily, and to the greatest extent possible, the Garth Homer Foundation funds and furthers the aims, goals and interests of the Garth Homer Society. We aim to make the greatest impact possible.

This is where some of our funds have gone in recent years:

  • Purchase of iPads to open up new learning opportunities
  • New vehicles for community outings
  • Automated doors for easy access
  • Initial support for the development of the LifeStreams Learning Program
  • Development of geriatric service capacity
  • A new roof for the Centre
  • Several donations matching the support of other generous donors

If you would like your donation directed to a specific project, program or capital item, we'll work with you to make it happen.

We also maintain an endowment fund that support to the Society is available today and into the future. Like others, you may prefer to direct your gift to endowment and a legacy for future need.

How can you support us? Make and direct a donation online today, or call 778-410-5174 and we will assist you with your donation.